Big Game Bash: On the Road

Smoked Fresh Mozzarella Hero

Fresh "mutz"? At Vito's Deli, it's freshly made and smoked every day.

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  • Smoked Fresh Mozzarella Hero
    Smoked Fresh Mozzarella Hero (02:28)
    'Tot-alistic' Tater Tots
    'Tot-alistic' Tater Tots (03:37)
    Hottest Hot Wings Ever
    Hottest Hot Wings Ever (03:28)
    Cheeseburger Soup
    Cheeseburger Soup (01:18)
    Truffle Cheese-Steak Empanadas
    Truffle Cheese-Steak Empanadas (02:39)
    Brats Brothers
    Brats Brothers (02:27)
    8th Wonder Burger
    8th Wonder Burger (03:50)
    710 Grille Ring of Fire
    710 Grille Ring of Fire (04:08)
  • Burgers & Blueberry BBQ Sauce
    Burgers & Blueberry BBQ Sauce (02:40)
    Tender All-Veal Meatballs
    Tender All-Veal Meatballs (03:24)
    Roast Beef & Eggplant Sandwich
    Roast Beef & Eggplant Sandwich (02:19)
    The Smoke Joint
    The Smoke Joint (03:13)
    Molten Hot Chicken Wings
    Molten Hot Chicken Wings (02:31)
    Reuben Fritters
    Reuben Fritters (03:04)
    Guy and Marc Meet Fried PB-n-J
    Guy and Marc Meet Fried PB-n-J (02:25)
    The Guy Pancake
    The Guy Pancake (00:48)