Alex Guarnaschelli

Alex Hosts Star Salvation

Alex Hosts Star Salvation

Alex and fellow judge Jeff are giving one ousted Food Network Star rival the chance to rejoin the contest after a six-week battle.

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When she's not busy judging Chopped and cooking at her New York City eateries, Alex is hitting up her favorite spots around the country.

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  • Alex's Day Off

    Alex brings to life some of her favorite childhood recipes. A simple strip steak is transformed into a crispy, juicy, delicious masterpiece and topped with a green peppercorn brandy sauce. For sides, Alex slathers carrots in molasses and butter, then bakes and fries fingerling potatoes. And for dessert, a ricotta cake is topped with chocolate and lemon zest.

  • Alex's Day Off

    Alex is making a budget friendly meal but that doesn't mean she's taking the fun, delicious, tasty, and fabulous out of the equation. Alex starts by giving a skirt steak a smear of garlic and steak sauce, searing it, then slathering it with a tangy pickled feta topping. If the perfect companion to this steak is a potato, why not have two potato dishes? The first is a skillet potato cake with layers of bubbling potato made right on the stove. The second is an oven-dried sweet potato mashed with layers of cream and molasses. For dessert, some apples paired with a potpourri of spices, baked in the oven, and topped with rum raising ice cream.

  • Alex's Day Off

    Alex believes food tastes so much better when it's enjoyed with friends AND when it's easy to put together. Alex starts with a delicious beef filling for her burritos by marinating skirt steak in way too many peppercorns. And for something to chill down your mouth, Alex pops wedges of iceberg lettuce into the freezer and pulls them out at that perfectly cool temperature. Each wedge is slathered in a champagne vinegar dressing. For dessert a simple Crème caramel, that is cool and caramel-y without being too sweet or heavy. It's a light and naughty dessert.

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A frequent Chopped judge and a mentor on All-Star Academy, Alex also regularly competes on Iron Chef America. More

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