Chefs' 50 Favorite Kitchen Tools

The country's best chefs tell Food Network Magazine what they can't live without.

Cast Iron, Mixer, Skillet
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11. Shark Skin Grater
"It perfectly grates ginger and garlic like nothing I've used before."
Ken Oringer
Clio and Uni, Boston

12. Mason Shaker
"It's a unique twist on the traditional cocktail shaker—it's great for entertaining."
Aarón Sánchez

13. Citrus Press
"We drink only fresh juice in my house—my daughters know how to cut the oranges and extract the juice themselves."
José Andrés
Minibar, Washington, D.C.

14. Carbon Knives
"Stainless-steel knives are hard to keep sharp. Carbon-steel knives get super sharp and hold their edge."
Drew Robinson
Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q, multiple locations

15. Vitamix Blender
"I absolutely need my Vitamix for movie-night milkshakes and early-morning juices."
Chris Santos

16. Donabe Smoker
"It infuses depths of flavor into meats, fish and vegetables. Smoking with tea leaves is an ancient Chinese technique with wonderfully exotic and fragrant results."
Ming Tsai
Blue Ginger, Wellesley, MA

17. Electric Knife
"I love the way an electric knife can slice up roasts beautifully and easily. I actually still have the same knife my mom used when I was little."
Melissa d'Arabian
Ten Dollar Dinners

18. Spoon
"I like to use a large metal soup spoon for tasting and basting. You can use it to peel ginger, too—it's way better than a peeler."
Seamus Mullen
Tertulia, New York City

19. Stand Mixer
"I can't live without a KitchenAid stand mixer. It makes it so much easier to get the perfect consistency in meringues, creams and dough."
Francois Payard
FP Patisserie, multiple locations

20. Microplane Zester
I can’t live without it. Love the zest of citrus, freshly grated horseradish for a pop, or a rich salty hard cheese.
Michael Symon
Iron Chef America

1. Easier to clean than box graters.
2. Shreds, grates and zests all of these and more, perfectly: garlic, cheese, nutmeg, lemon, lime, orange, ginger, onion.
3. Super sturdy.
4. Various sizes, shapes and gradients to choose.
Sunny Anderson
Cooking for Real