Chefs' 50 Favorite Kitchen Tools

The country's best chefs tell Food Network Magazine what they can't live without.

Cast Iron, Mixer, Skillet
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31. Mezzaluna
"I always thought it was more professional to chop with a knife the way they taught me in culinary school—but when I grew up, I realized that I chop better with a mezzaluna."
Cesare Casella
Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto Il Ristorante, New York City

32. Spice Grinder
"I buy whole-seed spices and grind them fresh. The flavor is so much more pronounced and I love the aroma, especially if they have been toasted first."
Amanda Freitag

33. Cleaver
"A cleaver is a real kitchen workhorse: You can slice with it, use a flat side to crush ginger and garlic and transfer chopped food to a pan, and use the blunt back edge to tenderize meat."
Charles Phan
The Slanted Door, San Francisco

34. Japanese Fish Scaler
"It is great for scale removal and does the job without damaging the flesh."
Chris Cosentino
Incanto, San Francisco

35. Food Mill
I love the food mill because it doesn’t turn on—it’s your own elbow grease—stems and seeds stay uptown and big money stuff goes downtown!
Anne Burrell
Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell

36. Charcoal Grill
"I love grilling, and the Weber cooks everything evenly and provides a smoky char on vegetables, skewers, name it."
David Myers
Hinoki and The Bird, Los Angeles

37. Pepper Grinder
"A beautiful pepper grinder is not only attractive in the kitchen but also the perfect tool for finishing most dishes."
Laurent Tourondel
Arlington Club, New York City

38. Wok
"I believe a wok will help any home cook get exciting new flavors, try new techniques and—in the end—get rave reviews from friends and family."
Wolfgang Puck
Spago, Beverly Hills

39. Silpats
I love, love silpats for crisp kale chips!
Michael Chiarello
Easy Entertaining With Michael Chiarello

40. Laser Thermometer
"It's neater to work with as far as chocolate is concerned. Using a traditional thermometer that you have to insert into the chocolate gets very messy."
Jacques Torres
Jacques Torres Chocolate, New York City