Chefs' 50 Favorite Kitchen Tools

The country's best chefs tell Food Network Magazine what they can't live without.

Cast Iron, Mixer, Skillet
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41. Tupperware Bowls
I like to do my prep work ahead of time, and I’ve got a set of Tupperware bowls in multiple sizes that make it easy to do and come back to later. I use them everytime I cook, which is every day! Mise en place!
Bobby Deen
Not My Mama’s Meals

42. Crock-Pot
"I use it to cook grits and braise meats all the time. It also keeps boiled peanuts warm for snacking."
Sean Brock
Husk, Charleston, SC

43. Oyster Knife
"R. Murphy's oyster knives are less disposable than most oyster knives. They come with different handles and shapes, and they are customizable."
Mike Lata
The Ordinary, Charleston, SC

44. Griddle Pan
I absolutely cannot live without my heavy-bottomed square griddle pan. Perfect for easily flippable over-easy eggs and pancakes. Plus, it fits up to four sandwiches perfectly for a proper butter and griddle. Go bears!
Jeff Mauro
Sandwich King

45. Meat Thermometer
"This is a must for getting the exact temperature of steaks, roasts and pork loins. I also fry a lot of chicken, and I always need to be sure it's cooked right!"
Jeff McInnis
Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, Miami

46. Pressure Cooker
"Braised short ribs in 25 minutes? Chicken stock with intense flavor without reduction in 15 minutes? The pressure cooker is a must-have in your home kitchen."
Richard Blais
The Spence, Atlanta

47. Le Creuset
"I adore the colors—and they are great for both stovetop use and cooking in the oven, as they distribute heat well. They get better with age."
April Bloomfield
The Breslin Bar & Dining Room, New York City

48. Cast-Iron Skillet
"It heats food evenly, is easy to clean and maintain, and looks cool in the kitchen. It's the best pan for cooking a steak."
Joey Campanaro
The Little Owl, New York City

49. Melon Baller
"At the restaurant, we use different shapes to make garnishes look sexy!"
Marc Forgione
Iron Chef America

50. Apron
"I love my denim apron. It's designed and crafted so well."
Marcus Samuelsson