Food Network Stars and Their Music Friends

When Food Network stars pair up with their musician buddies, you can tell that food and music are just meant for each other. 

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Photographed at Madame ZuZu's, Highland Park, IL

Jeff Mauro and Billy Corgan

Meeting someone you've idolized for years can be a little awkward. Jeff Mauro's approach: Talk about sandwiches. Even a serious dude like Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan can find something to say about sandwiches. Billy tells Jeff, a Chicago native, that he grew up eating at Central Gyros on the northwest side of Chicago. "Central Gyros! We shot there!" says Jeff, telling Billy how he hauled 60 pounds of meat around the restaurant while taping his show, Sandwich King. Billy and Jeff are both in the food business of sorts: Billy owns a tea shop in Highland Park called Madame ZuZu's; in addition to Sandwich King, Jeff stars in Food Network's The Kitchen. Although they have plenty to talk about between them, the real common ground is their mutual love for Chicago. Says Jeff, "Billy has shown that you can be happy in the place where you grew up."