Food Network Stars and Their Music Friends

When Food Network stars pair up with their musician buddies, you can tell that food and music are just meant for each other. 

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Photographed at Conrad Hotel during the South Beach Wine & Food Festival

Michael Symon and Sammy Hagar

While on tour in Cleveland 17 years ago, Sammy Hagar stopped for dinner at a new restaurant called Lola. A little-known chef named Michael Symon was in the kitchen, and when he saw his music idol in the dining room, "I almost fell over," he says. "I was a giant Van Halen fan." Sammy asked to speak with the chef, so Michael went to the table and Sammy said, "Cook me whatever you want." "Turned out he's a huge foodie," Michael says. Six courses later, Sammy was a fan of Michael's — with only one complaint: Lola didn't stock Sammy's line of tequila, Cabo Wabo. Lola added it to the bar, and the two have been good friends and drinking buddies ever since. "Sammy makes a mean margarita," Michael says.