Iron Chef Forgione Looks Back on a Winning Season

Get personal with Chef Marc Forgione, winner of The Next Iron Chef Season 3 and the newest Iron Chef in Kitchen Stadium.

As the winner of The Next Iron Chef Season 3, Marc Forgione is now part of an elite pantheon of culinary talent: the Iron Chefs. Kitchen Stadium's newest face sat down with us at his New York City restaurant to chat about the whirlwind he's just experienced.

How do you think your personal life — and your restaurant — will be affected by being on The Next Iron Chef? And winning?

Just last night, I walked back into the kitchen through the dining room and every table was looking around and pointing me out. That used to happen every once in a while, but now, every table, they're like, "Oh! That's him!" I got stopped on the street coming into work yesterday and again this morning, somebody asking me, "Did you win?" I went to a wedding the other day and everybody's coming up to me. It's wild. I'm really kind of a humble, chill person. I'm having a great time, don't get me wrong, but it's a big change.

You held viewing parties at the restaurant on Sunday nights. Good turnouts? Mostly friends, family, fans?

It’s friends, family, regular customers, people that were here one random Sunday and got a glimpse of it, so they come back. Now we have people come back every Sunday. The first night was the biggest for the premiere, then it died down a bit, then it got bigger and bigger.

Has it been tough to keep your win a secret all these months? Were you allowed to tell anyone that you won?

For me, no. But there hasn’t been one day that someone hasn’t asked me if I won. I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. In that contract, from what I read, it was: Don’t tell anybody.