Star Kitchen: Jonathan Bennett

For Cake Wars host Jonathan Bennett, the kitchen is the busiest room in the house.

There's plenty of room in Jonathan Bennett's five-bedroom Hollywood home, but on any given day the kitchen is packed. It's the gathering place for the Cake Wars host and his housemates — including his stepmom, stepsister and two friends — plus anyone who stops by to hang out. "We have this 3,000-square-foot house, yet we're never more than 20 feet apart," says Jonathan, who became famous playing the love interest in Mean Girls. When he first saw the property two years ago, the turnkey kitchen was a major selling point — it was sleek and modern, and it came with tons of storage. He made the space his own by bringing in a few beloved quirky kitchen items that he inherited from his mom, who passed away in 2012. "She was a huge cook," he says. "The kitchen was her spot." Here, it's everyone's domain: Jonathan's friends like to jump in and start cooking. "There's always something good to eat," he says. Below are some of the kitchen's coolest features. 

Double fridge: Jonathan's kitchen has two full-size fridges and freezers that are always stocked. He and his housemates use one for food and the other strictly for beverages, mainly water and juice.

Family gravy boat: When Jonathan was growing up, this deer-shaped gravy boat was a fixture in his mother's home. "It was her favorite kitchen thing ever," he says.

Heirloom lunchbox: Jonathan's grandfather was a steelworker in Ohio and took this lunchbox to work every day.

TV time: This TV saved Jonathan's Super Bowl party last year. When the power unexpectedly went off in the den during the fourth quarter, his 100-plus guests crammed into the kitchen to watch the final minute of the game.

Airport seats: The traditional wood dining table is flanked by two vintage 1960s airport benches. They remind Jonathan of his late father, an amateur pilot.

The bar: Jonathan and his housemates keep the bar stocked for last-minute guests. It's decorated with peculiar objects like glasses from the Beverly Hills Hotel's 100th anniversary party and the Urban Trends Phrenology Bust.