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Spring Baking Championship
Spring Baking Championship Premieres April 26 at 9|8c

The Sweet Scent of Spring Baking Is in the Air

Duff is back with fellow judges Nancy Fuller and Lorraine Pascale, and host Bobby Deen, in a new series that has bakers creating seasonal confections for a chance to win $50,000. Find out more.

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  • Ace of Cakes

    Chef Duff trades shots with Haloti Ngata of the Baltimore Ravens. The defensive end drops by the bakery to fix up a pre-game cake for his teammates and deliver it to his buddies at football practice. Duff even gets to play armchair coach as the Ravens' playoffs berth hangs in the balance. And this week, the bakery staff muses about pets as the cakes go to the dogs ... dogs on airplanes, dogs in armchairs and fabulous Arnie, the growling Chihuahua.

  • Ace of Cakes

    Charm City Cakes practices its foreign language skills as the decorators take on two formidable historic figures ... a Terra Cotta warrior from China and a huge replica of Russia's St. Basil's Cathedral. The Cathedral delivery comes down to the wire and there seems to be a lot of smack talk about eye gouging going around.

  • Ace of Cakes

    The bakery is awash in plushy ducks when Duff is commissioned to do a cake for Aflac's Pediatric Cancer Center in Atlanta. Then Duff, Geof and Elena head out to NAMM where they check out the latest and greatest in the music world and create an upright, oversized guitar for the 20th anniversary of Acoustic Guitar Magazine. Duff also gets a little birthday surprise from the folks at Good Housekeeping when he stops in for some cake and a magazine spread.

  • Ace of Cakes

    It's the season finale of Ace of Cakes and Chef Duff and his staff are invited to Lucas Films in California to create a galactic masterpiece for the wrap party of THE CLONE WARS. Duff is in his element as he battle the evils of cake and electronics, voices a "baker droid" for the animated series and gets a privileged behind-the scenes look at the making of these movie icons. Star Wars geeks unite!

  • Ace of Cakes

    It's just another crazy week at Charm City Cakes as Duff and his staff are challenged by a request for a roller coaster cake. And the bakery staff reflects on 100 episodes of bakery life and awesome cakes, including caketastrophes, puppets gone wild and Duff's tool tips.

  • Ace of Cakes

    Charm City Cakes concocts a gravity-defying pastry for Cirque du Soleil's big top troupe. Ben and Elena turn cake into animated Dummies and Duff does some culinary judging at the Eco-Ball.

  • Ace of Cakes

    Mary Alice gets her party on at a Parrothead Mardi Gras fundraiser while Katie logs hours decorating an intricate purse for a surprise birthday. Duff and Geof work on a Wizard of Oz hot air balloon and an equestrian cake. Plus, a cake to be delivered by private plane to a unknown customer.

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  • Ace of Cakes

    Are you ready for some football? Duff and his bakery staff concoct an elaborate cake creation to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Monday Night Football and Duff gets to deliver the cake to Redskin's field on game day. Then, it's a fight to the finish as Chef Duff enters the cooking ring, and goes head to head with Iron Chef Michael Symon for control of the kitchen.

  • Ace of Cakes

    CCC gets its biggest cake challenge EVER when Duff and his bakery are commissioned to do a life-sized motorcycle groom's cake, complete with ignition! Plus, it's paired with a sky-high 10-tired photo cake for the same wedding. Will some motorcycle lessons help the bakery staff find their inner Ducatis?

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