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Spa Day

Topping out Spa Day is the dinner Ingrid has created.

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  • Spa Day
    Spa Day (02:21)
    Game Night
    Game Night (05:45)
    Fried Apple Chimichangas
    Fried Apple Chimichangas (04:32)
    Fried Olives
    Fried Olives (04:04)
    Easy Chocolate Tequila Mousse
    Easy Chocolate Tequila Mousse (05:40)
    Betty Beautiful Martinis
    Betty Beautiful Martinis (01:31)
    Fresh Mexican Corn Soup
    Fresh Mexican Corn Soup (05:29)
    Ingrid's Favorite Compliments
    Ingrid's Favorite Compliments (00:40)
  • Ingrid's Favorite Foods
    Ingrid's Favorite Foods (00:42)
    Chicken Strips
    Chicken Strips (00:57)
    Crazy Coconut Lemonade
    Crazy Coconut Lemonade (02:14)
    Michelada (02:16)
    Sgroppino (02:01)
    The Melontini
    The Melontini (02:21)
    Tequila Sunrise Punch
    Tequila Sunrise Punch (02:12)
    Guava-Jalapeno Margarita
    Guava-Jalapeno Margarita (02:57)
  • Pineapple Mojito Gelatin Shot
    Pineapple Mojito Gelatin Shot (02:50)
    Sangria (02:58)
    Red Sombrero
    Red Sombrero (01:36)
    Watermelon Lime Spritzer
    Watermelon Lime Spritzer (01:31)
    Wicked Chica Punch
    Wicked Chica Punch (02:56)
    Layered Drinks
    Layered Drinks (02:00)
    Exotic Mango and Jicama Salad
    Exotic Mango and Jicama Salad (04:55)
    Breezy Bikini Salad
    Breezy Bikini Salad (03:30)
  • Yellow Corn Arepas
    Yellow Corn Arepas (02:35)
    Argentinean Corn Empanadas
    Argentinean Corn Empanadas (03:29)
    Sofrito (03:12)
    Ingrid's Cheesecake Flan
    Ingrid's Cheesecake Flan (04:17)
    Chimichurri Sauce
    Chimichurri Sauce (02:23)
    Cocadas (02:56)
    Cuban Picadillo
    Cuban Picadillo (02:56)
    Papa's Chorreadas
    Papa's Chorreadas (03:28)
  • Salsa Ranchera
    Salsa Ranchera (03:18)
    Tostones (02:52)
    Close-Up Empanadas
    Close-Up Empanadas (02:57)