Star Kitchen: Curtis Stone's Outdoor Kitchen

Food Network star Curtis Stone shows us his outdoor kitchen.

When Curtis Stone and his wife, actress Lindsay Price, moved into their Hollywood Hills home in 2011, they became extra popular — and that's in large part because of the backyard, Curtis says. It has two things that guarantee a good party: a wood-fired oven and a pool. "The food's always good and the water's always warm," he says. The yard wasn't quite this spectacular when they found it. It came with the oven and a little sink, but Curtis has turned the space into a full-blown outdoor kitchen. He added a big worktable where he preps toppings for wood-fired pizzas, plus a plancha and a Big Green Egg grill. And he and Lindsay decorated a banquette where they can hang out with friends and watch the kids (sons Hudson, 4, and Emerson, 1) play in the yard. Curtis also dug out a rose garden and planted citrus trees just steps away, so if he wants to finish a dish with lemon juice, he just picks a lemon off the tree. "It reminds me what cooking is all about," he says.

Garden Ingredients: The chef grows figs, sumac, passion fruit, clementines, lemons and Mexican limes in the garden beside the kitchen. "We use it all," he says. "It makes me a more creative cook."

Cool Cooler: Lindsay and Curtis repurposed a vintage French crab cooker as a wine bucket.

Sunday Dinner: The wood-burning oven needs a few hours to heat up, so Curtis uses it mainly on Sundays and Mondays, when he's off-duty from his Beverly Hills restaurant, Maude.

Handy Storage: To avoid tons of trips into and out of the house, Curtis stores knives, tongs and utensils in the island drawers.

Step Stools: These rustic wood stools give son Hudson a boost so he can see what his dad is cooking; they also double as extra seating.