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Robert Faces Impossible Rescues
Robert Faces Impossible Rescues

It's up to Robert to reinvigorate failing restaurants — but he has only two days and a limited budget.

Robert's Work, Revisited
Robert's Work, Revisited

Hear from restaurant owners to find out how they're faring since Robert's visit.

Top Missions with a Cause
Top Missions with a Cause

See some of Robert's worthiest rescues, and learn how the groups are today.

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  • Restaurant: Impossible

    The JuJu Bag in New Orleans is half cafe and half barber salon, and both are in desperate need of makeovers. Chef Robert Irvine has his hands full, with a cafe that looks like a cluttered living room, a kitchen without any commercial equipment, an owner who is stubborn despite her inexperience, and to top it all off — a barbershop renovation!

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Robert is ready for any challenge on his shows, Restaurant Express, Restaurant: Impossible and Dinner: Impossible. More

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