Sunny Anderson

Sunny Anderson
Wings Three Ways

Sunny upgrades her trio of wings from side dish to main attraction.

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  • Cooking for Real

    Sunny Anderson makes a taco spread that's good for lunch or dinner, at home or on the go. Her Ground Chicken Tacos with Creamy Salsa are packed with flavors the whole family will love, and Sunny's Pantry Bars are a sweet treat no one can resist.

  • Cooking for Real

    Sunny Anderson invites a special guest to join her in preparing a fun and flavorful meal. Curry Coconut Chicken Breasts are golden and crunchy outside, tender and juicy inside. A scoop of Mango and Peach Salsa provides a vibrant counterpoint. On the side, Black Eyed Peas and Rice Pulao is a fluffy rice dish infused with aromatic spices.

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Sunny serves as a fun-loving host on The Kitchen and dishes out down-to-earth recipes on Home Made in America and Cooking for Real. More

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