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Sunny Anderson
Wings Three Ways

Sunny upgrades her trio of wings from side dish to main attraction.

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  • Cooking for Real

    Sunny Anderson spruces up the other white meat with warm spices and a super stuffing. Her Pumpkin Spice-Rubbed Pork Loin with Plaintain Stuffing boasts impressive flavor, yet is easy enough for a weeknight. Sauteed Tomatillos with Sunny's Cilantro Vinaigrette brings a touch of acidity to the table, as does a glass of Pinot Noir WINE.

  • Cooking for Real

    Sunny Anderson hosts her friends for a scary good time, with a menu featuring winter squash and pumpkin pie spices. Her Beefy Butternut Squash Chili is brimming with hearty, satisfying flavors, and her Baked Pumpkin Spiced Tortilla Chips bring cinnamony crunch to the table. Her Cereal Killer Shake is a playful throwback to flavors Sunny loved as a kid.

  • Cooking for Real

    Sunny Anderson knows nothing brings family together like her Grandma's BBQ Chopped Pork. Sunny re-creates the time-honored recipe, serving it with her tangy Pork Sauce and a scoop of Apple Raisin Cole Slaw. Finally, Sunny's family has to have beans with barbeque, and Sunny's Easy Baked Beans hit the spot every time.

  • Cooking for Real

    Sunny Anderson has a menu to send tastebuds soaring: Sunny's Rack of Lamb sports a flavor-packed crust, and Crispy Potatoes with Roasted Pepper Sauce bring texture and a burst of fresh flavor to the plate. An Apple Affogato is a sweet way to end the meal on a high note.

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  • Cooking for Real

    It's chow time! Sunny Anderson prepares three irresistable dishes that hit the spot whenever hunger strikes. Sunny's Chunky Chicken Chowder is rich and satisfying, just like her Roasted Tom & Jack Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, which are golden, crispy, and oozing with cheesy goodness. Hot Choco Loco is a drinkable dessert with a kick.

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Sunny serves as a fun-loving host on The Kitchen and dishes out down-to-earth recipes on Home Made in America and Cooking for Real. More

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