Tregaye Fraser

Cooking Up a Good Time on The Kitchen Sink

Cooking Up a Good Time on Kitchen Sink

The winner of Food Network Star, Season 12, Tregaye is bringing her signature brand of food fusion to life on the all-new season of Kitchen Sink. She'll be joined by co-hosts of The Kitchen as well as famed special guests to create over-the-top versions of your favorite comfort foods. Find out what's ahead.

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A seasoned chef who likes to twist old-fashioned recipes with her own unique flair, Tregaye has a passion for the untraditional. She learned the basics at Le Cordon Bleu, but she soon realized that her love for cooking came from her youthful soul and love for fusion cuisine. A successful self-employed mother who relates best to a younger generation, Tregaye is a co-host of Kitchen Sink. More

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