10 Homemade Hummus Recipes to Make Right Now


Freshly made hummus with veggies and pita is perfect for a quick snack, or an easy way to impress guests when entertaining. You can never go wrong with a traditional recipe of tahini and chickpeas, or try one of our favorite twists on this Middle Eastern dish by adding yogurt, veggies or various spices for bold flavor.

Hummus Trio (pictured above)

This assortment of hummus uses the same base of chickpeas and tahini for all three, making variety easier than ever. Just stir in extra toppings like pine nuts, peppadew peppers or spinach and artichokes to create three all-new dips.


Ina Garten’s quick take on traditional hummus calls for garlic and a splash of hot sauce for a creamy dip with just a touch of spice.

Black Bean Hummus

Melissa d’Arabian uses black beans in place of chickpeas in her hummus for a protein-packed dip that takes only 25 minutes to make.

Spicy Crushed Hummus

If you like your hummus full of heat, try Bobby Flay’s recipe. With the addition of jalapeno, garlic and smoked paprika, this dip packs a flavorful punch.


Yogurt-Hummus Dip

This recipe from Food Network Kitchen couldn’t be easier to make: Just combine premade hummus and Greek yogurt for smooth results.

Roasted Carrot Hummus with Veggies Two Ways

“You never know whether kids are going to fall for the natural sweetness of roasted veggies or the fresh crunch of raw ones. So make a little of both!” Melissa says. “Roasted carrots sweeten up hummus just enough to be a perfect dip for kids and adults.”

Buffalo Wing Hummus

Buffalo lovers, look no further: The barbecue sauce in this recipe from Food Network Magazine brings the beloved flavors of your favorite wings to a simple snack.


Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Combining jarred roasted red peppers with traditional hummus ingredients, like tahini and lemon juice, is an easy way to add even more flavor to your dip.

Edamame Hummus

This recipe from Food Network Kitchen replaces chickpeas with edamame for a fresh, flavorful hummus. Afraid that more flavor means more work? Don’t be: The recipe calls for frozen shelled edamame that you can pop in the microwave to cook, making prep work a breeze.

Dill Hummus and Toasted Pita Wedges

Sunny Anderson substitutes yogurt for the more traditional tahini for a brighter finished product, and she adds freshly chopped dill to finish.