11 Easy Thanksgiving Day Breakfasts to Make for Overnight Guests


Got friends or family in for Thanksgiving? With a big day of cooking ahead, these are the easiest breakfasts to serve guests, with just the right mix of special and simple.

Overnight Oats: No-Cook Blueberry-Almond Oatmeal

Just mix up everyday ingredients like milk, rolled oats and blueberries, and let the mixture chill overnight. When you wake up, the oats will be tender and the flavors married. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Big Dutch Baby with Apple Butter

Hands down, this is my kids’ favorite special breakfast. Lucky for me, it’s as easy as pulling out the blender. Just whizz everything together, pour it into a hot pan and let the oven work its magic. Just be sure to have all guests assembled when the oven timer goes off. They won’t want to miss the puffy theatrics!

Ina Garten’s Easy Sticky Buns

Take the Barefoot Contessa’s shortcut and use store-bought puff pastry to make simple sticky buns that will amaze your guests.

Spiced Pumpkin Mocha

My most-recent houseguests weren’t big breakfast eaters, but boy, did they love a big cup of coffee. This is exactly what I’d serve them on a holiday weekend like this.

Frozen Peach Smoothies

Using four simple ingredients, you can whip up deliciously sweet and satisfying smoothies in minutes. Pair one of these with some toast and breakfast is served.

Yogurt and Fruit Parfaits

This recipe is all about assembly: Pick your favorite granola, and layer it with vanilla yogurt and juicy fruit.

Homemade Egg McMuffins

Forget poaching or frying individual eggs. Did you know you could use your muffin pan to cook up to a dozen eggs at a time … under the broiler? That’s how I love making these homemade breakfast sandwiches for a crowd.

Super-Healthy Pumpkin Muffins

For a make-ahead breakfast that freezes like a dream, look no further. When company’s coming I love baking a batch of muffins to have on hand for easy breakfasts. Bonus: They’re low in sugar and full of good-for-you ingredients. That makes them pretty much the perfect way to start a day based on eating.

Cheesy Vegetable Frittata

With sauteed mushrooms and asparagus, plus two kinds of cheese, Ree Drummond’s big-batch egg bake will wow the crowd.

Cinnamon Baked French Toast

Make this one the night before, then pop it in the oven for a warm breakfast everyone will love waking up to.

Avocado Toasts

The key ingredient is garlic-rubbed bread, which gently flavors this 10-minute recipe.

Charity Curley Mathews is the mom of four small kids and is a contributor to Huffington Post, InStyle and eHow. She blogs about making recipes simpler, healthier and sometimes cuter at Foodlets.com.