2 New Ways to Wrap and Roll Chicken from The Kitchen


Slicing and stacking is well and good, of course, but the latest episode of The Kitchen put the spotlight on wrapping and rolling, showcasing all the ways to deliver bold boosts of flavor in easy-to-eat packages. Both Geoffrey Zakarian and Jeff Mauro delivered new ideas for transforming chicken with the help of a wrap, GZ going the elegant dinner route and Jeff opting for a next-level sandwich. Read on below to get their recipes.

Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken Breast (pictured above)

Not only does GZ cover his lean chicken breasts in a snug overcoat of prosciutto, but he also packs flavor inside the meat. He carves a pocket in the chicken and fills it with a Mediterranean-inspired mixture of creamy ricotta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and fragrant sage. After searing the chicken on the stove, Geoffrey moves it to the oven to finish cooking, and what results is a just-crispy-enough exterior of prosciutto and a tender inside featuring juicy chicken and rich, melty ricotta. The finish is all about the lemony butter sauce, laced with sweet shallots and salty capers.

Chicken Shawarma Wrap

Just like GZ, Jeff wraps up chicken, but he does so by rolling it inside a tender tortilla to create an Israeli-inspired sandwich. Lemon-scented tahini sauce forms the base of his wrap, which he layers with a simple tomato-cucumber salad, cool lettuce and, of course, juicy grilled chicken thighs. He guarantees over-the-top flavor in the chicken by marinating it for half a day in a mash-up of warm spices like cumin, paprika and turmeric.

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