2 Ways to Make Mussels in the Slow Cooker


It’s July. It’s steamy. You’re likely sweating. And yet tonight’s dinner still has to be made. Instead of cranking on the stove and making your kitchen and home only more sweltering, skip the range altogether and opt for a stove-free supper.

On Saturday’s all-new episode of The Kitchen, the co-hosts showed off new ways to enjoy a Stove-Free Summer, including one machine that will save the day come dinnertime: the slow cooker. Thanks to this do-the-work-for-you device, you can set and forget many of the same items you’d otherwise watch over on the stove. And best of all, it doesn’t heat up your kitchen. Check out two ways to prep mussels right in the slow cooker for simple weeknight cooking.

With hefty potatoes and a tangy broth, Geoffrey Zakarian’s succulent Slow-Cooker Mussels with a Creamy Wheat Beer and German Mustard Sauce (pictured above) is an easy-to-make meal that’s both comforting and light. Geoffrey builds the base of his sauce with beer, butter and whole-grain mustard, and lets that cook with pre-boiled potatoes. Closer to dinnertime, just add the mussels to cook for a few minutes, then round out the sauce with a dollop of sour cream and a scattering of cool scallions. Be sure to follow GZ’s lead and reach for garlic bread to sop up the silky sauce with each bite.

For a slightly spicier option, look no further Jeff Mauro’s Slow-Cooker Thai Coconut Mussels (pictured above), featuring a savory mixture of lemongrass-scented stock spiked with a chile. Jeff adds a splash of coconut milk to cook with the mussels, guaranteeing rich, creamy results. Just before serving, brighten up the broth with fragrant cilantro and fresh lime zest. And for dunking, it’s all about the garlic bread for Jeff, too. He transforms his with the addition of gochujang, a Korean chile paste with bold flavor.

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