2 Ways to Update Basic Banana Bread


Moist, sweet and ideal for morning treats and after-dinner snacks alike, banana bread is a back-pocket staple that delivers tried-and-true results every time. But when you’ve just about had your fill of the classic version you know and love, and want something a little different, look no further than these transformed banana breads from The Kitchen. On the latest episode, the co-hosts shared two new takes on the traditional banana bread, and both recipes are easy to make and full of craveable flavors.

Cinnamon and Chocolate Banana Bread

Instead of making a single loaf of banana bread, Marcela Valladolid opts to bake this rich, buttery bread in muffin tins for ease and portability. Not only does she mix Mexican chocolate pieces and walnuts into the batter for subtle spice and crunch in each bite, but she also blankets the muffins with a brown sugar-cinnamon topping that promises added decadence. When it comes to serving, follow Marcela’s lead: “These muffins are great with a smear of butter,” she notes.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Banana Bread

Just as it does in the timeless sandwich, the classic combo of PB and J shines in this fuss-free loaf. For the peanut butter part of the equation, opt for both peanut butter and chopped peanuts in the batter to guarantee bold flavor and welcome texture. And to deliver the fruity sweetness, add layers of strawberry preserves: one between pours of the batter before baking and another afterward.

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