3 Recipes to Float Your Way to a Boozy Summer Dessert


Remember those old-school root beer floats you had as a kid, the ones with inches’ worth of foamy soda on top and chilly scoops of vanilla ice cream at the bottom? The three floats the co-hosts of The Kitchen unveiled this week aren’t like that. They’re better — and boozier.

See how Marcela Valladolid, Sunny Anderson and Katie Lee put their signature spins on this dessert-drink hybrid by checking out their next-level recipes below.

Whiskey-Stout Chocolate Ice Cream Float

Since stout boasts natural chocolate flavors, that particular beer is an ideal pick for this chocolate lover’s masterpiece, made especially indulgent with the help of a splash of whiskey.

Sunny’s Bacon Berry Fun Float

Confetti vanilla ice cream delivers on the tried-and-true whimsy you know and love in a classic float, while the raspberry-flavored malt liquor guarantees a bold pop of color. When it comes to the bacon, that smoky bite is just what’s needed to balance the sweetness of the float.

Mango-Raspberry Margarita Float

Follow Katie’s lead and opt for two flavors of sorbet — mango and raspberry — to achieve a bright, fruity bite in this five-minute float. As for her choice of liquor? Katie’s all about tequila, a la a classic margarita, as the liquor pairs well with the lemon-lime soda.

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