5 Alternatives to Cereal: A Week’s Worth of Instant Breakfasts


What’s not to love about cereal? It’s crunchy, almost always at least a little sweet, and best of all, ready in 30 seconds flat! But if you’re ready to break out of the same cereal rut we fall into at our house, here are five family-friendly breakfasts full of simple, fresh ingredients. Every idea is easy enough to pull off on the busiest of mornings, which is to say, pretty much all of them.

Avocado Toast 5 Ways

If you haven’t yet discovered avocado toast, I say start smearing tomorrow morning. It’s not easy to pack that much nutrition into a breakfast that tastes this good. And if you’re already an avocado-toast convert? This collection of tasty variations, including toasts topped with bacon, may just take your favorite breakfast to the next level.

Banana Splits for Breakfast

That’s right. Slice a banana in half lengthwise, then spoon in your favorite flavor of Greek yogurt (we used vanilla), sprinkle with berries and nuts, and serve. Want it even easier? Set up a Banana Split Bar and let the rascals do the work.

Blueberry Blast Smoothies

If you can throw four ingredients into a blender and hit “on,” you’ll have a power-food breakfast in minutes.

Cheesy Bagels with Tomatoes

It’s hard to beat a toasted bagel slathered in melted cheese and topped with a firm and juicy slice of tomato — unless you sprinkle a little sea salt on top. Heaven, with a hefty side of vitamin C.



You don’t need fancy equipment to press a hole in The Pioneer Woman’s egg toast — just use the rim of a glass. Breakfast in five minutes. Done.

Charity Curley Mathews is a mother of four small kids who eat breakfast every day. She’s a contributor to InStyle, eHow, Huffington Post and founder of Foodlets.com, a site about teaching kids to love good food, with simple recipes plus tried-and-true tips for pulling it off. Most of the time.