5 No-Bake Desserts Perfect for Hot Weather


When the weather heats up and your base kitchen temperature gets too hot for turning on the oven, it’s time for no-bake sweets. You can have your dessert without turning on the heat or reach for the closest tub of indulgent ice cream. These no-oven-needed treats will carry you through until cooler weather arrives.

Healthy No-Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bars

Our favorite part of these creamy, sweet-and-salty bars is the crust: Melted chocolate and just a little bit of butter make it crunchy without baking. Plus, you can skip the full fat sour cream in the cheesecake layer. Buttermilk adds just the right tang.


Chocolate-Covered Banana Pops

Cool down on a hot summer day with these frozen banana pops. The fruit is a great source of both potassium and vitamin B6 (which may be important for regulating your mood). After the bananas are frozen, dip them in dark chocolate, then sprinkle with salted peanuts for a sweet-and-savory crunch.


Lightened-Up Banana Pudding

This is basically the classic with fewer calories and fat. The sour cream stirred into the cooked pudding gives it a rich creaminess, and this is a super-quick dish to make thanks to store-bought vanilla wafers.

Fruit Salad with Limoncello

Make a lemon yogurt topping with Greek yogurt by whisking together the yogurt, lemon curd, honey, and vanilla. Add it to your favorite fruit salad for a decadent but healthy twist on the classic fruit combo.

No-Bake Healthy Strawberry-Almond Cereal Bars

The flavors of summer and strawberry shortcake have found their way into your favorite crunchy childhood treat. We decreased the amount of marshmallows (a.k.a. sugar), and we stirred in some almond butter and freeze-dried strawberries. Each sweet-tart bar is a generous size.