6 Clever Reasons You Should Break Out That Melon Baller


A melon baller is the sort of tool everyone has stuffed in a drawer, but we bet you rarely reach for it. Next time you find yourself stuck in a recipe rut, dig it out — and try one of these unique ways to use it.

Serve a Boozy Treat

Scooped melon bites already look adorable served in individual glasses, but then Jessica Merchant (the blogger behind How Sweet Eats) makes them even more irresistible: She douses them in a bright mixture of lime juice, honey, mint and rum.

Try it: Boozy Minted Melon Balls (above)

Fill Cupcakes

For the perfect cupcake-to-filling ratio, use a melon baller to scoop out a space for some extra frosting, peanut butter or fruit.

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Scoop Out Veggies for a New Take on Crudites

Giada De Laurentiis turns a cucumber into a new vehicle for enjoying hummus — no dipping required.

Try it: Roasted Red Pepper Hummus in Cucumber Cups

Bake Apples

A melon baller can help you core an apple without piercing through the bottom. Fill the opening with dried fruit, a sweetener like honey or maple syrup, or even lemon zest or wine for a warm, crustless dessert.

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Stuff Tomatoes

Scoop the flesh out of a cherry tomato and fill it with pesto for a bite-sized snack inspired by caprese salad.

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Build an Impressive Party Centerpiece

Make spheres out of a multicolor assortment of fruit and then serve them on skewers for a party. Standing in a watermelon end, they make a fresh treat that doubles as a table centerpiece.

Try it: Watermelon Tray, from Food Network Magazine