6 Glorious No-Mold Ice Pops That Will Make Summers Better Forever


Right up there with an ice-cold glass of lemonade, there is nothing quite as capable of getting you through the dog days of summer like an ice pop. Though you could surely take a stroll through the freezer aisle, buy some pops and unwrap one without batting an eye, going the DIY route is the name of the game this summer.

Don’t have ice pop molds? Not a problem. These homemade takes MacGyver the process so you don’t need any special equipment (besides the wooden ice pop sticks) to stay cool all summer long. Your dentist may not be over the moon about all the sweet treats that you’re filling these little paper cups with, but the summer heat calls for some rule breaking.

If you’ve ever slurped down a creamy mango lassi drink, you’ll understand us when we say these Mango Lassi Ice Pops are quite possibly the most-refreshing thing ever. And with paper cups, frozen mango, sweetened condensed milk and time to freeze on your side, they really couldn’t be easier to make.

The Pioneer Woman uses the cups as vessels for her Ice Cream Freezer Pops, filling up each one with ice cream, crushed cookies and candies and spearing it with a stick for an easy summer party dessert.

The humble ice cube tray is already a summertime lifesaver that we couldn’t live without. But Giada De Laurentiis takes it one step further, using the tray not for water, but for her bite-sized Italian Ice Pops. Her take on the childhood favorite is all grown up, with raspberries, fresh mint and lemon juice. Plus, since she uses frozen raspberries in lieu of fresh ones, you can make these pops all year round.

You may have just transitioned from hot coffee to its iced cousin, but seriously scorching weather calls for even more desperate measures. Get your caffeine fix — and battle the heat — with our brand-new, coffee shop-inspired Mocha Pops. With minimal prep and using paper cups as a makeshift mold, you’ve got a refreshing combo of chocolate and coffee, thanks to a buzzy layering of purchased ice cream and chocolate cookies.


Nix the whole “mold” thing altogether by opting for a frozen pop that needs nothing in the way of structure. These delectably healthy Chocolate-Covered Banana Pops are made by inserting sticks into frozen bananas, dipping them in melted chocolate and rolling each one in chopped peanuts.

Stacked with strawberry sorbet, vanilla fro-yo and coconut-spiked berry cereal, Food Network Magazine’s Strawberry-Shortcake Parfait Pops are crunchy, creamy dreams. For extra crunch, roll the pops in more crushed cereal after you unmold them.

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