6 New Ways to Top Grilled Pizza


Sure, pizza delivery is convenient, and it saves you the hassle of heating up your oven in the summertime. But it can also be costly, especially after you factor in tax and tip, and offers limited topping options to boot. The best solution? Turn your outdoor grill into a pizza oven. There will be no sweltering-hot kitchen to endure, no unnecessary expenses and, best of all, you’ll have full control over your sauce and toppings.

Everything from eggs to fish to fresh vegetables or fruit can grace the top of freshly rolled-out dough. Here are some ideas to help you cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert using nothing more than your grill, some pizza dough and a handful of balanced, meal-worthy toppings.

The Good Morning Pizza

While no one can deny the beauty of a garlicky pie topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil, that might not be the most-appealing assemblage of toppings first thing in the morning. This Grilled Breakfast Pizza with Sausage (pictured at top) takes just 5 minutes of prep and will fuel your morning with stick-to-your-ribs Southern flavors. Simply top the flatbreads with savory sausage gravy, eggs and sliced scallions.


The Sunday Bagel Pizza

Hosting a weekend brunch? This 20-Minute Grilled Pizza with Smoked Salmon and Mixed Greens couldn’t be easier in a pinch. The chefs in our Food Network Kitchen take their topping inspiration from Sunday bagels: A schmear of lemony cream cheese is a natural pairing with the smoked salmon, while cucumbers and radishes add color and crunch. Grilling the dough creates a delectably charred crust that you won’t get from your local bagel shop.

The Dessert Pizza

After a while, fruit salad gets boring, so why not enjoy sweet, in-season fruit in the form of Bobby Flay’s 20-minute Dessert Pizza? Simply top grilled, store-bought pizza dough with mascarpone, honey, grilled plums and fresh berries for a quick-fix summer dessert.

The Deconstructed-Taco Pizza

Switch up family taco night by serving all of the usual accoutrements atop crisp, grilled flatbread. Homemade taco seasoning, complete with chili powder, cumin and cayenne, lends these Grilled Chicken Taco Pizzas a piquant edge. Top the pizzas with mozzarella, sharp cheddar and spicy grilled chicken; before serving, pile on avocado, salsa and sour cream.

The Steakhouse-Inspired Pizza

Bobby reimagines hearty steakhouse salad as savory grilled pizza in this Pizza with NY Strip, Blue Cheese and Balsamic Glaze recipe. If you’re up for the challenge, try making the pizza dough from scratch. Once grilled, the freshly risen dough will take on a crispy-chewy texture that’s hard to beat.

The Summer Pizza

Don’t let summer slip by without trying this Grilled Summer Pizzette. Topped with caramelized peaches, creamy Burrata, crispy Serrano ham and arugula, these mini pizzas are the answer to any summer-appetizer conundrum. Prepare the pizzettes with premade pizza dough for an easy and crowd-pleasing party starter.

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