6 Times French Toast Totally Outdid Itself


French toast, the breakfast food that’s almost dessert (it’s basically bread pudding that gets served with OJ and a side of bacon, right?) sometimes goes out of its way to be totally amazing, like when it got itself waffled (above).

Or that time French toast wanted to get ready for bathing suit season, so it got all slimmed-down and cooked in a foil packet.

Sometimes French toast just does not even want to be made indoors or be restrained to a plate. So, Grilled French Toast Kebabs.

French toast can be a show-off, too, like that time it was better than any brunch served at a restaurant, ever. Way to go, French Toast Croque Madame Casserole — you’ve won brunch.

And sometimes French toast is really accommodating and eager to please, for friends who just don’t do dairy. Thanks for proving that vegans can have French toast too, Vegan French Toast.

Ever concerned about convenience, French toast will even be ready for you in five minutes, and in a mug, so you can take it on the run.

Thanks for being you, French toast. Keep up the good work.

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