6 Ways to Grill the Whole Chicken Like a Champ


Serving a whole grilled chicken is the ultimate party trick, perhaps because it’s so seemingly difficult to pull off. Though it may sound like a daunting undertaking, we’re here to prove that tackling one big bird is a feat you can indeed conquer this summer. Before you grill it by the wing, breast or thigh, give these tested takes on whole-bird grilling a spin.

Believe in the Beer-Can Method

Perhaps the poster child of the whole-bird grilling movement, Beer Can Chicken is just one of those chicken recipes that should land on your grill at least once each summer. Perching the chicken over an open, filled can and letting the flames and beer work their magic is an easy way to achieve succulent, juicy results. Here’s how to make it, step by step.

Get Even

We’re big fans of spatchcocking around here, and this lemony Grilled Spatchcocked Greek Chicken is just the recipe for trying the method out. Removing the backbone of a chicken and flattening it out makes it possible for all parts of the chicken to finish cooking at around the same time.

Debone It — and Then Some

You may have to do a little extra work upfront for Grilled Whole Porchetta-Style Chicken, but once you slice into it, you’ll be glad you did it. Fill a butterflied, deboned bird with a flavor-packed mixture of ground chicken, spices and breadcrumbs before rolling it up and getting it on the grill. The result is a whole-chicken beauty that is seriously impressive — and even better sliced up as leftovers for sandwiches.

Break Out Your Bundt Pan

Your trusty Bundt pan isn’t just for making home-baked cakes. Get double duty out of it by using it as a stand for a whole chicken and as a roasting pan for potatoes. While the bird cooks to tender perfection, the potatoes will too.

Spice It Up

After removing the backbone for easy grilling, rub the chicken with lime zest all over before giving it a bold, big-flavored curry rub. In the end, this Grilled Curry Chicken leaves the grill charred, juicy and jam-packed with dynamic flavor.

Go Low and Slow

Cooking a whole chicken low and slow over indirect heat is a sure way to imbue it with that smoky, summery flavor while also achieving moist, succulent results. Smoky and spicy, Slow-Grilled Chipotle Chicken works great as a filling for tacos.

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