7 Brilliant Ways to Replace Bread with Veggies


It’s not that we don’t love you, bread, but sometimes we just need some space, OK? Cutting down on this carb (especially the white stuff) is often a quick way to lower a dish’s calorie count and likely reduce the sugar, too. But the best part is really that (hello!) veggies taste great. The flavors could totally transform your meal for the better, as we think they did in these recipes.

Breadless Italian Sub Sandwich (above)

This sandwich mimics the classic shape of its namesake by swapping a doughy hoagie roll for a couple of meaty, chubby portobello mushroom caps.

Spicy Turkey Lettuce Cups

A romaine lettuce heart makes the perfect little canoe for delivering this cross between a taco and an Asian noodle dish right to your mouth.


Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Flabbergasted by how many calories are in that virtuous-looking whole-wheat wrap? Trade it for a big ol’ iceberg lettuce leaf for lunch that’s more like a salad on the go.

Spaghetti Squash with Kale Pesto

Spaghetti squash borrows its name from its carb-y doppelganger, so why shouldn’t the vegetable dress like pasta, too? Covered in a kale pesto (which boasts golden raisins as a secret ingredient), this main dish is sweet and savory.

Iceberg BLT

Frankly, without all that sandwich bread in the way, you can really appreciate what we all really came here for — the bacon (and, in a stellar supporting role, a lemon-chive yogurt spread).

Buffalo Cauliflower

As a swap for breaded or battered Buffalo wings, this one’s a twofer: Cauliflower takes the place of chicken to make this snack vegetarian-friendly, and the florets’ crispy, roasty edges ensure you won’t miss any crunch.

Turkey Burger on Sweet Potato Rounds

We dare you to look at this vitamin-packed, sweet potato-flanked burger and tell us you’d prefer a stale, flavorless bun instead.