7 Lemonades Calling Your Name This Summer


Sipping lemonade on the porch (bonus points if you’ve got a swing) isn’t a symbol of summer for nothing. And you’ll never be too far from your next pitcher when you’ve got a recipe roster like this at the ready.

Perfect Homemade Lemonade (above)

Before you get fancy, make sure you’ve nailed the basics. Ree Drummond’s quintessential recipe makes a giant batch, perfect for filling a party-sized dispenser.


Raspberry Lemonade

Ree also likes to add pretty raspberries to her classic lemonade (and it looks mighty adorable poured into Mason jars, if we do say so ourselves).

Blueberry Lemonade

Bobby Flay’s take on the drink has that perfect indigo color that screams summer — you won’t even mind a few charming dribbles on your tablecloth.

Italian Lemonade

What makes Giada de Laurentiis’s lemonade Italian? Basil-infused simple syrup — and bubbles! Though if still water is your preference, it will also work just fine.

Vodka Lemonade

As Tyler Florence proves with this recipe, lemonade is the perfect mixer for a cocktail, too. A clear spirit like vodka keeps the flavor seasonally bright and fresh.


Rum Lemonade

The warm notes of rum are juxtaposed nicely against crisp, clean mint in Bobby’s boozy lemonade.

Fruit-Sweetened Lemonade

With all the ice cream, fruit pies and sweet chilled drinks, summer can get a bit sugary. Take a break from the refined stuff with this lemonade, which is sweetened with apples.