7 Ways to Cook with Beer


Got extra six-packs lying around? Instead of drinking them (all), put some of the extra brew to use in beer-spiked recipes. These dishes are safe for the whole family to devour, because the alcohol cooks off during the cooking process. Here are eight tasty ways to cook with beer.

Serve a Cheesy Dip

Beer is a key element of classic cheese fondue. Up the ante by serving this gooey Gouda, Swiss and lager combination in a bread bowl so you can eat every last bit of cheesy goodness.

Bake with It

Spike a batch of savory quick bread with a bottle of light beer, which lends a toasty, caramelized flavor to the finished loaf.

Spike Mac and Cheese

Damaris Phillips makes a super-rich mac with beer cheese — a combination of amber beer, half-and-half, cream cheese, cheddar and Gouda that she kicks up with harissa and mustard powder.

Make a Beer Batter (It’s Not Just for Fish and Chips)

Just about anything tastes amazing dredged in beer-spiked batter and dipped in the fryer. Try this method with vegetables and make Ree Drummond’s onion strings or Giada De Laurentiis’ cremini mushrooms.

Braise Chicken

For an easy, comforting one-pot meal, sear chicken thighs, then braise them in beer, along with onions, potatoes, mustard, sugar and thyme, for just 15 minutes.

Marinate Steak

Lager beer and soy sauce join forces for an umami-packed steak marinade.

Simmer Brats

Simmered in beer and topped with sauerkraut, onions and green peppers, Bobby Flay’s juicy bratwursts are perfect for game day.