7 Ways to Make Your Milkshake Even Better


There’s nothing quite a like a milkshake to make you feel like a kid again. But next time you’re filling the blender for a whipped-up treat, try one of these ideas for a fun twist on the classic.

Wake it up with coffee.

A little bit of espresso powder gives this Vietnamese Iced Coffee Milkshake (pictured above) a pleasing jolt.


Crumble cookies on top.

Bobby Flay finishes off this classic strawberry milkshake with an extra dollop of jam and a crumbled sugar biscuit for extra crunch — and a pretty presentation.

Swirl your glass with caramel.

Before she pours her bananas Foster shake, Sunny Anderson swirls some caramel inside the glass for some added flair (and extra sweetness!).

Get your straw in on the fun.

Trisha Yearwood makes a vanilla milkshake into a party by rolling straws in chocolate and peanuts before serving.

Blend in some booze.

You knew we would go there, right? This Mint Julep Milkshake is spiked with bourbon, making it great any day (not just Derby Day).

Give it the breakfast treatment.

Turn your first meal of the day into a work of art with waffles and bacon. (Warning: These guys are for special occasions only.)

Or just plain go crazy.

It’s all the rage these days to turn milkshakes into dessert skyscrapers. But you don’t need to wait for hours at a restaurant for an epic, Instagram-worthy food moment — try one of our clever versions instead.