8 Kid-Friendly Halloween Treats That Are More Sweet Than Spooky


I once turned deviled eggs into spiders by putting carefully sliced black olives on top. They were an adorable nod to Halloween, and I couldn’t help thinking my kids would just love them. But then my 3-year-old burst into tears at the sight of them. Since then I’ve forgone the gravestones and monsters, and focused on can’t-miss Halloween favorites instead, like chocolate. And lots of it.

Candy Bucket Cookies (pictured above)

Start with a base recipe for buttery cookie dough, and add to it your pick of candies.

Caramel, Chocolate and Candy Apples

Giada De Laurentiis takes this classic Halloween treat to a new (and gorgeous) level. I love that kids can help sprinkle the candies on top.

Wicked Cupcakes

Whether you’re fans of the musical Wicked or not, it’s hard to resist melting green witches perched high on a cupcake!

Candy Bar Blondies

Got extra candy? I love slicing up a couple of handfuls of candy bars, mixing and matching as I go, and throwing the whole assortment into my favorite blondie batter for the whole family to enjoy.

Frozen-Yogurt-Covered Banana Ghosts

If you have young kids, this is a perfect not-too-sweet project to take on together. All you need is vanilla yogurt, bananas, sticks and a couple of chocolate chips.

Halloween Popcorn Balls

I never really liked popcorn balls as a kid, but then I never had ones like these! Studded with M&M’s, salted almonds and even chocolate chip cookies, these decadent beauties are not your mother’s popcorn balls.

Jack-o’-Lantern Pudding Cups

Another super-simple dessert, tangerines filled with pudding, is a Halloween favorite with my crew. Now that they’re getting bigger, maybe I’ll turn the kids loose with Sharpies this year. Talk about spooky …


Chocolate Candy Pie

Who can resist layers of creamy homemade pudding and whipped cream piled high enough to make the perfect base for all your favorite miniature candy bars? Serve this one either chilled in the fridge or frozen, for the make-ahead dessert of your kids’ dreams.

Charity Curley Mathews is a contributor to The Huffington Post, InStyle and more. She also blogs at Foodlets.com about food, parenting preschoolers and testing her way to a collection of simple dinners that everybody likes every time.