9 Frozen Treats to Cool Down — and Slim Down — With


Considering the oppressive heat, beach vacations and last-chance-Summer feelings, August often beckons with a smorgasbord of icy sweets to chill you out both physically and mentally. But don’t just shrug and think, “Well, at least bikini season is almost over.” Your fall wardrobe is lurking just around the corner, with its more restrictive waistlines and non-stretch fabrics. This month, rather than sabotage your season-long dedication to fresh produce and lean grilled mains, opt for these better-for-you — yet totally tempting — frozen treats.

Healthy Banana Split Parfaits (pictured above)

This vertical version of the soda fountain classic is healthy for a reason: Gravity helps the ice cream melt into the fruit and nuts below, so you need only a small scoop per serving.

Greek Yogurt Fudge Pops

Fudge pops are always a (surprisingly) low-cal choice, despite their rich cocoa consistency. These have the added bonus of Greek yogurt, which imparts extra-creamy flavor and added protein.

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

This creamy frozen yogurt made with fresh strawberries and Greek yogurt possesses an extra kick thanks to a vanilla bean, a dash of rum and some lemon zest.

Raspberry Buttermilk Sherbet

Sherbet is the best of both worlds when it comes to frozen sweets, as it contains both fruit juice and milk-based fats, like this recipe’s buttermilk and heavy cream. This recipe can thank 6 cups of raspberries for its flavor and eye-popping color.

Frozen Chocolate Banana Pops

Chocolate-covered frozen bananas have long been known as a healthier alternative to a frozen pop. But this recipe calls for the fruit to be pureed with cocoa powder, heavy cream and maple syrup before being frozen into molds. The end result is a cross between that traditional treat and a fudge pop, rolled in peanuts like some ice cream truck favorites.

All-Fruit Mango Sorbet

This super-easy recipe (all you need is a food processor) is made entirely out of frozen fresh mango chunks and water. Top with baked coconut flakes, a squeeze of lime juice and, if you want to sweeten the deal, a bit of honey — healthy as can be!

Fruit Pops

Ree Drummond’s vibrant striped ice pops are made out of frozen fruits and citrus juices, and unlike the packaged pops you might find in your supermarket freezer, they contain minimal added sugar.

Strawberry-Chia Breakfast Pops

Chia seeds make these polka-dot pops fun to eat. And with a hefty 2 grams of fiber per serving, they’re a tasty way to add more fiber to your morning routine.

Wine, Honeydew and Tarragon Granita

For something entirely different, try this savory, refreshing icy treat. Paired with fresh honeydew and tarragon, the slushy recipe highlights the tropical and herbal notes often detected in Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. It’s perfect as a light after-dinner dessert or an afternoon pick-me-up.