All the Ways You Can Spike Fresh Watermelon


With watermelon’s innate sweetness and plentiful water content, you can do a lot more with its pink-hued flesh than just nibble it straight from the rind. On its own, one bite of the fresh, juicy summer fruit is more refreshing than any drink you’d ever sip. Kick back this summer with our favorite watermelon cocktails (and one spiked treat), in all kinds of cooling frozen and iced creations.

Put a summery twist on the classic rum cocktail Ted Allen’s way, by replacing the normal orgeat syrup with cubes of fresh watermelon, for a taste of his Watermelon Mai Tai.

For the most-refreshing party trick in the book, carve your watermelon into a cocktail keg and fill it up with a big batch of Watermelon Sours (pictured above). Featured in Food Network Magazine, this swig is a mix of fruity liqueur, gin, sour mix, lime and sparkling rosé for effervescence.

Kick back Bobby Flay’s way with a pitcher of his Watermelon-Strawberry Sangria by your side. Combine watermelon and strawberries together in the blender until nice and smooth, then doctor it up with vodka, rosé, orange juice and orange liqueur. Watch the video at the end of the article to see how Bobby mixes it up.

Ina Garten’s 10-minute Watermelon Mojitos have all the minty refreshment of the classic rum-based drink, but pureed watermelon gives them a nuanced sweetness and a delightful pink hue.

Freeze up Giada De Laurentiis’ Spiked Watermelon Pops for a beach or poolside treat that’s reserved for the adults. Each pop is spiked with watermelon-flavored vodka and fresh mint. To make these pops nonalcoholic, simply substitute three quarters of a cup of orange juice for the vodka.

Class up your classic martini Bobby’s way, by bringing five cups of pureed fresh watermelon into the mix for sophisticated-meets-summer Watermelon Martinis. To achieve an extra-cooling frozen consistency, Bobby adds a little simple syrup to the pureed watermelon and freezes it again in ice cube trays.

Before you even think of glugging that highlighter-yellow mixer into your batch of “homemade” margaritas, let watermelon take over. Use it as the base for Food Network Magazine’s Frozen Watermelon Margaritas, which blend together in 10 minutes and are the most-refreshing way to get your tequila fix, hands down.


And for the whole crowd — adults and little ones alike — these virgin Watermelon Lemonade Slushies have all the refreshment of frozen cocktails without any of the booze. Steeping fresh basil in the simple syrup (and removing it before blending) gives the slushies a subtle herbaceous note that’s surprising and welcome.

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