Back-to-School Lunchbox Remix


The new school year is in full swing, and to match that brand-new backpack and those shiny unused school supplies, you want to start your lunch game strong. These lunchbox combos from Food Network Kitchen are so easy to make and pack that you won’t tire of them by October — and neither will the kids. Each includes a fun main recipe, plus all the tasty extras to round out a complete, balanced lunch. Warning: Lunch-packing parents may want to assemble an extra box for themselves, and we fully approve!

Love ham-and-cheese sandwiches? Try: Ham-and-Cheese Stuffed Peppers

FNK_ Lunchbox3_H

These creamy and crunchy stuffed peppers are a perfect way to break out of a sandwich rut. For a variation, use scallion instead of parsley, or deli turkey instead of ham. Pack them with 1/2 cup carrot ribbons tossed with raisins, 5 or 6 whole-grain chips and a “reconstructed” small apple. Use an apple divider and don’t completely push it all the way through the apple — that way it’ll still be intact and the apple slices can just be snapped off. Then fill with peanut butter and band it together with a rubber band or wrap tightly in plastic wrap for storage.

Love anything with tomato sauce? Try: Lasagna Roll-Ups


This is the quick and lunch-friendly version of lasagna, which holds up perfectly with a side of marinara sauce for dipping. Try tucking in a couple of pieces of pepperoni for an easy variation. And be sure to cook an extra noodle in case one tears! Pack them with 1 green bean bundle (6 or 7 blanched beans tied together with a blanched chive or scallion green), 1 bocconcini-and-olive skewer and 3 strawberries, halved.

Love Chinese takeout? Try: Veggie Rice Bowls with Hoisin

FNK_ Lunchbox4_H

Taking the time to cut out fun shapes from your bell peppers just might entice your kids to eat more vegetables. If you don’t have the time, then simply cut the vegetables into squares or bite-size sticks. Pack the rice bowl with half an orange (wedged and tossed with ground cinnamon), 6 to 8 edamame pods, 2 squares of chocolate and sesame sticks on the side for topping the rice bowls.

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