All Dressed Up: Best 5 Chicken Dinner Recipes


While the humble chicken may carry the reputation of boring and basic, that’s likely only because it hasn’t been dressed up with flavor or texture. Since both white and dark meat chicken are culinary blank canvases, they pair well with myriad ingredients, and most can be prepared in a hurry too. Read on below for Food Network’s top-five takes on chicken dinners, from Alton Brown’s moist fried chicken to Ina Garten’s foolproof roast bird and more.

5: Fried Chicken — The ultimate in chicken indulgence, Alton’s juicy buttermilk-marinated chicken is seasoned with paprika and garlic powder and boasts a crispy, crunchy exterior thanks to a flour dredge before frying.

4: Chicken Parmigiana — Panko breading gives Bobby Flay’s thinly pounded chicken breasts (pictured above) plenty of crunchy texture, while a topping of homemade tomato-garlic sauce promises his signature bold flavor alongside gooey mozzarella cheese.

3: Baked Lemon Chicken — The secret to over-the-top taste in this recipe lies in the base of golden onions and a succulent sauce featuring fresh lemon juice, fragrant rosemary and garlic. Blanket this mixture atop the chicken before baking for moist, flavorful results.

2: Perfect Roast Chicken — You can trust in Ina that the name of her roast chicken is correct. She lets simplicity reign supreme in this family-friendly meal by seasoning the bird with citrus and fresh herbs, then cooking it alongside carrots and fennel for a wowing presentation.

1: Chicken Marsala — Ready to eat in only 40 minutes, Tyler Florence’s easy-to-make dinner (pictured above) comes together in a single skillet with a buttery mushroom sauce and crispy prosciutto.