Best Crepe Recipes

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From breakfast and brunch to dinner and dessert, crepes can be customized for any meal of the day, all by simply swapping out sweet and savory fillings. Start with an all-purpose batter, like Alton Brown’s tried-and-true recipe, then experiment with your favorite ingredient pairings in the stuffing to ultimately create all-new takes on traditional meals.

Read on below for Food Network’s top-five crepe recipes for satisfying ideas from Giada De Laurentiis, Marcela Valladolid and more of your favorite chefs.


It takes just a handful of everyday ingredients to make Alton’s top-rated crepes, but the key to this recipe lies in the process. Once the eggs, milk, flour and water are blended together, let the mixture chill for an hour, then cook it quickly: just 30 seconds over the heat on one side and another 10 seconds on the other.

Buckwheat Crepes (pictured above)

Featuring a bold nutty flavor, buckwheat flour is the base of Food Network Magazine’s easy-to-make crepes. Set up a buffet with the four featured savory fillings, including sweet onion and creamy mushroom, and let everyone prepare their ultimate meal with the stuffing of their choice.

Corn-and-Cheese-Stuffed Crepes with Poblano Cream

Ideal for quick weeknight dinners, Marcela’s Mexican-inspired crepes boast a simple filling of creamy mozzarella and fresh corn, plus a smooth sauce laced with charred poblanos.

Chocolate-Strawberry Crepes

Follow Giada’s lead and mix in cocoa powder to a classic custard batter, then cook it gently on the stove and roll around a go-to combination of strawberry jam and mascarpone.

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Blueberry-Lemon Crepes with Custard Sauce

Just a squeeze of fresh lemon juice brightens up the fruity blueberry filling for Melissa d’Arabian’s indulgent crepes, which she serves atop sweet vanilla custard for added richness.