Cheer On Team USA with Our Best Patriotic Recipes


The 2016 Rio Olympics are on. Whichever sport is your jam — be it swimming, cycling, soccer, gymnastics … the list goes on — it’s Team USA that we’re fired up to watch. Prep for a Summer Games viewing party with our favorite patriotic party foods, perfect for cheering on our nation’s athletes.

While the athletes are getting in the zone in Rio de Janeiro, why not toast to their athleticism in your own way: by fixing yourself a drink. Our Fireworks Red, White and Blue Daiquiri comes stacked with layers of red watermelon and strawberry, white coconut and blue curacao liqueur. Plus, these swigs are surprisingly healthy, so you deserve your own kind of medal for choosing them.

Flag Cake

If you’re asking us, the best use of a commercial break would be slicing into our stars-and-stripes Flag Cake. It’s decorated with berries, and the batter is flecked with sprinkles, so it’s red, white and blue through and through.

These Stars and Stripes Cupcakes are so pretty they’ll probably compete with the games for views. Each plush cupcake comes with a swirl of vanilla and raspberry frosting, plus a blue star crowning the top.

Buffalo Puppies

Hey, savory food can be patriotic too. Food Network Kitchen’s Buffalo Puppies don’t call upon any artificial food coloring to get their red, white and blue hues. Instead, you create the effect by drizzling blue-cheese sauce onto cocktail dogs and sprinkling with red onions.

Red White and Blue Potato Salad

Round out your Summer Games viewing party spread with a surprisingly festive addition: Red, White and Blue Potato Salad. All that cheering will sure work up an appetite, and this dish of Yukon, red-skinned and purple potatoes should do the trick to satisfy it.

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