Cookie Dough That's Safe to Eat Raw and Make Into Truffles


Everyone knows the best part of making cookies doesn’t involve the oven at all. While it’s not recommended to eat raw cookie dough made with eggs, we’ve all snuck tastes at some point. Fortunately, to save you and the kids from potential stomachaches (or worse), Food Network Kitchen came up with five eggless versions of our favorite cookie doughs that are 100 percent safe to lick right off the spatula, mix into ice cream or roll into truffles. The latter make a great DIY gift that even young kids can help make.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Cookie dough ice cream lovers, rejoice! Whip up an eggless, chocolate-chip-studded batter and fold it into vanilla ice cream. Roll any extra batter into balls and coat in melted chocolate chips for whimsical and super-easy truffles.

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

Rich, eggless peanut butter cookie dough is even better when it’s rolled into truffles and robed in chocolate. Try using coconut oil in the coating — peanut butter, chocolate and coconut are a winning flavor trio.


Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough

Think of this sweet, cinnamon-y dough as cookie butter and sandwich it between crunchy cookies, or dip it in white chocolate for truffles.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough

Dipped in a butterscotch coating, these oatmeal-raisin cookie dough truffles taste perfect for fall. Bring them to Thanksgiving and everyone might ignore the pies.


Brownie Batter

We know it’s not technically a cookie dough, but we couldn’t help it — brownie batter is one of our favorite things to lick off the spatula. This dough tastes like a brownie but spreads like smooth peanut butter. Swirl it into ice cream or a milk shake for a fudgy treat, or make elegant-looking but insanely easy brownie batter truffles rolled in powdered sugar or cocoa powder.