Easter Favorites You Didn't Think You Could Make in a Slow Cooker


Your family may have its share of Easter Sunday traditions that make you itch with excitement year after year: tearing open the Easter baskets, hunting for eggs in the yard and spending some quality time together. But, odds are, you aren’t so tied to the work it takes to put on the annual holiday meal. This Easter, ease up on prep (and make space in your oven) with our fleet of family-favorite slow-cooker recipes , tailor-made for your Easter menu.

Bet you didn’t think you could cook your Easter ham without an oven. This super-convenient technique easily produces a juicy and tender ham (pictured above), while a tangy-sweet sauce of apricot jam, Dijon mustard and brown sugar brings on sweetness and shine.


Sliding scalloped potatoes out of the oven, hot and bubbling, is one of the most-satisfying acts, but executing the same dish in your slow cooker is even better. The chefs in Food Network Kitchen tweaked the classic recipe for Slow-Cooker Scalloped Potatoes, which reach the same creamy, luxurious heights with cream and grated Gruyère cheese, plus a little flour for added thickness. The best part is that you can serve this fuss-free dish straight from the slow cooker come mealtime — no need to replate.


Free up the oven by cooking a brunch favorite in your slow cooker. Food Network Kitchen developed a Slow-Cooker Ham, Cheese and Spinach Crustless Quiche that is fluffy, satisfying and so easy to make.

If the main dishes and sides for your Easter meal are taking up all your oven space, rest assured that all hopes of a homemade dessert are not lost. Make a tender, low-fuss Slow-Cooker Banana Upside-Down Cake, which achieves a caramelized banana topping with brown sugar, rum and butter.

If the candy is a highlight of your family’s Easter pursuits year after year, bring a little ownership to it. Instead of tearing into store-bought candies on Sunday, make Trisha Yearwood’s homemade, hands-off Slow-Cooker Chocolate Candy with just four ingredients.

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