Proof That Everything’s Better with an Egg on Top


You can, and should, put eggs on pizza. Make a brunch-style pizza with bacon and cheese — this recipe is super-easy; it’s made with store-bought flatbread — or fry up an egg and slide it onto a slice of reheated leftover pizza. Think of it as an open-faced pizza breakfast sandwich.

Eggs belong in soup. Add a fried or poached egg to your favorite soup — or poach an egg right in the soup in the last few minutes of cooking — or make this riff on ribollita (a Tuscan bread-and-vegetable soup) made with bacon, eggs and Italian bread.

Vegetarians, you can have eggs in your soup too; this one’s made without bacon. Each bowl is packed with protein — 28 grams per serving (thank you, eggs and beans) — so tell that to your friends who think you don’t get enough protein.


Put your egg in a hole — a hole that you have cut out of a piece of bread. Cook this in butter for one of the best, and easiest, breakfasts ever.

Put eggs on steak. You already know about this one, but just a reminder: steak ‘n’ eggs.

Stop it with the sweet oatmeal. Raisins and cinnamon and all that are very nice, but savory oatmeal is where it’s at. Top your bowl of oats with eggs, ham and cheese and you’ll forget you ever heard of raisins

If you want an egg on your waffle, and you probably do, don’t reach for the frying pan. You can cook the eggs right in the waffle iron.

Put eggs in your tacos. Breakfast tacos! That you can eat all day long!

Add eggs to twice-baked potatoes, or top cheesy fries with ham and eggs — either way, eggs and potatoes are the best.

Put an egg on your salad. It’s not egg salad. It’s egg on salad.

Top Croque Madame French Toast Casserole with a fried egg and get ready for the most over-the-top, indulgent brunch you’ve ever had in your life.


Top your rice bowl with an egg. Then, before your first bite, break the yolk and mix it up with the kimchi to make an instant (spicy, amazing) sauce.

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