Every Kind of Chili You'd Ever Want to Make


Vegetarian? No-red-meat eater? Bean hater? Tomato avoider? No worries! No matter your diet or preferences, you never have to miss out on chili season. We’ve got a hearty, flavor-packed recipe for every palate.



Spicy Vegetarian Chili

Grated cauliflower adds heft to this meatless chili made with pinto beans. Cocoa powder and brewed coffee add depth of flavor to the chipotle-spiked base.

Black Bean, Lentil and Eggplant Chili

No one will miss the meat in this chili loaded with green lentils, black beans and three kinds of chile peppers.


White Bean and Chicken Chili

Giada De Laurentiis adds Swiss chard, corn and cannellini beans to her chili, so it’s truly a one-pot meal packed with veggies as well as ground chicken.

Chicken Chili

Break out of your boring chicken breast rut by roasting the bone-in, skin-on kind (more flavor!) for Ina Garten’s chunky chili.


Classic Beef Chili

This easy recipe from Food Network Kitchen has everything you want in a classic bowl of chili – ground beef chuck, chipotles and jalapenos, cumin and coriander. Top it with crushed corn chips and you’re good to go.

Beanless Red Beef Chili

Bobby Flay brings his signature heat to this chili with layers of rich, spicy flavors. He opts for hearty cubes of bottom-round beef rather than ground meat, and sautes the onions and chiles in reduced beer and chocolate.

Ultimate Beef Chili (Also No Beans!)

Tyler Florence simmers beef shoulder with tomato, chipotles and a host of spices, then stirs in masa harina at the end to thicken his stick-to-your-ribs chili.


Ranch-Style Turkey Chili

Rachael Ray skips tomatoes in her turkey chili in favor of a white base flavored with fresh chives, dill and parsley. Toast and crumble corn muffins for a fun topping.

Beanless Turkey Chili

This version appeals to the bean-averse and anyone clinging to summer, as it incorporates barbecue flavors and the last of your fresh corn. Feel free to use canned or frozen corn if the fresh kind is already gone!

Leftover-Turkey Chili

While most turkey chili recipes utilize ground turkey, this one takes advantage of leftover roasted turkey, so it’s perfect for the day after Thanksgiving. For a change from the traditional cornbread, try serving it over leftover mashed potatoes.


Healthy Bison Chili

Use ground bison – it’s leaner than ground beef – in Kelsey Nixon’s two-bean chili that’s studded with white hominy.