Foodie Call With Justin Warner: Chicago Dog Barbecue

On this episode of Foodie Call, Justin teams up Jeff Mauro (everyone’s favorite Sandwich King and the keeper of the Kitchen Fails on to imagine a new type of barbecue. Tapping into Jeff’s Chicago roots, the pals consider the Chicago-style hot dog — and decide to combine it with a rack of beef ribs.

Justin starts by mixing a custom rub that mimics the spices on a Chicago dog. Then, after smoking the ribs low and slow, he tops them with a sauce inspired by the hot dog’s famous toppings — tomatoes, pickles, relish, mustard and more. The result? Judging by the looks on his and Jeff’s faces by the end of this episode, it’s pretty darn delicious.

Foodie Call: Chicago Barbecue 07:52

Justin and Jeff Mauro barbecue Chicago hot dog-inspired beef short ribs.
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