Green and Minty Milkshakes to Shake Up St. Patrick's Day


This St. Patrick’s Day, honor the Emerald Isle by indulging in any one of these minty-green milkshakes. They’re refreshing and festive, and best of all, your blender will bear the brunt of the prep work. There’s never been a sweeter way to show off your Irish pride.

St. Patrick’s Day Mint Shakes (pictured at top)

A milkshake is only as good as its ingredients, which is why it’s worth splurging on high-quality ice cream for this indulgent treat. Combining peppermint extract with the vanilla ice cream gives the drink an extra-refreshing minty flavor that you wouldn’t get from using regular mint chip ice cream.

Fresh Mint Shake

Five ingredients, a blender and the luck of the Irish are all you need to prepare this copycat favorite at home. While McDonald’s seasonal Shamrock Shake will cost you some serious calories and fat, this fresher, lighter version features low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt, skim milk, semisweet chocolate chips and homemade mint syrup.

St. Patrick’s Day Mint Schnapps Shakes

If there’s ever a right time for mint schnapps, it’s definitely St. Patrick’s Day. Enjoy this grown-up milkshake as a midday treat or after-dinner dessert. You can add a couple of drops of green food coloring to lend the shake a color boost if it needs one.

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