Healthy Beat-the-Clock Dinners


When the easiest dinner option available seems to be greasy takeout, take a breath and give a quick click through Food Network Kitchen’s nourishing beat-the-clock dinner ideas. With a few cut-to-the-chase tricks, these wholesome and homemade meals can be ready in minutes.

10-Minute White Bean Soup with Toasted Cheese and Tomato

For a super-flavorful base, steep chicken broth with sprigs of rosemary for even just a few minutes to add depth and flavor to this creamy soup. Quick-toast the sandwich under the broiler and serve it bruschetta style with juicy chopped tomatoes. You’ll find that it’s the perfect soup dipper.

15-Minute Chicken, Rice and Grape Salad

For a salad that will tide you over without a problem, keep in mind that adding brown rice to greens bulks up a dish and adds a satisfyingly chewy element. Though cooking rice typically tacks on time, using frozen precooked rice means this hearty salad can come together in just 15 minutes.

Buying rotisserie chicken at the supermarket and shredding it at home makes for an easy dose of protein. Lastly, before you think about grabbing bottled salad dressing from the fridge, fast-blend Greek yogurt, lemon, oil and a few other flavorful ingredients for a no-sweat creamy dressing.

20-Minute Chicken Thighs and Couscous with Dill

Boneless, skinless chicken thighs stay more moist and flavorful than breasts, and couscous couldn’t be quicker to cook. This 20-minute recipe also packs big flavor from broiling grape tomatoes in the oven until they’re just about bursting, as well as loading up on bright flavors from lemon, dill and oregano.