Indoor S'mores: 7 Riffs on the Campfire Classic


A s’more by any other name would taste as sweet. Well, that’s not quite how the line goes — but nevertheless, these s’more-inspired goods prove my point. Whether served in brownie, sundae or cupcake form, each of these recipes is just as much a s’more as the old-fashioned formula: a toasted marshmallow on top of a melty chocolate square, on top of a graham cracker.

The best part? You can make these in your oven or on your stovetop year-round. So even if your yard isn’t equipped for building a fire, you’ll be able to try every one of these seven s’more-inspired desserts before summer’s end.

S’Mauros: Skillet S’Mores (pictured above)

Individual s’mores are scaled to feed a crowd in Jeff Mauro’s party-sized riff on the classic cookout dessert. This communal treat comes together on the stovetop and features a chopped-walnut base topped with warm chocolate chips and a blanket of gooey marshmallows. Serve graham crackers alongside for easy dunking.


S’more Brownies

This mash-up combines everything you love about fudgy brownies and gooey, torched s’mores — no campfire required. Compact and easy to transport, this riff is the ultimate picnic sweet. Next time you’re heading to the park, bake brownies with a graham cracker crust and top them with browned marshmallows for an extra-sweet dessert.

S’more Brownie Bites

Pare your brownies down even further in size with these decadent little bites, perfect for kids. In addition to all-purpose flour, Giada De Laurentiis uses quinoa flour, which is very fine and adds a nutty flavor. The result? A chocolatey treat with the flavor of s’mores and the texture of brownies.

Indoor S’more Sundae

Melissa d’Arabian combines two of summer’s quintessential desserts — s’mores and sundaes — in this oven-baked hybrid. Start by preparing the graham cracker crust in a muffin tin, then add a scoop of ice cream and mini marshmallows to each graham cracker cup. Once the loaded sundae cups are frozen, toast them under the broiler; top each treat with hot fudge just before serving.


S’mores Cookie Crumble Bars

These sweet and chewy bars are similar to blondies, but instead of sprinkling the batter with chocolate chips, drizzle some melted chocolate over the tops once they’ve cooled and are ready to be sliced. You’ll know they’re approaching doneness when the layer of marshmallow creme puffs through the crumble and starts to brown.

S’mores Bark

Combine all the elements of a s’more into this delicious bark. It’s got crunch from the graham crackers, richness from the chocolate and fire-roasted flavor from the broiled marshmallows — easier than toasting s’mores over a campfire (though admittedly not as much fun).

S’mores Cupcakes

Nothing epitomizes childhood more than s’mores and cupcakes, and this adorable treat is a surefire hit with adults and kids alike. A simple chocolate cupcake is topped with an easy 7-minute frosting. The topping toasts up beautifully under the broiler for authentic fireside flavor.