Picnic-Ready Pasta Salads with Hundreds of Sky-High Reviews


Pasta salad is a matter of immense importance in the summer months, especially for picnicking purposes. And if you’re going to toss one together and have it stand up to mouthwatering grilled mains and more, it better be good. Get our top never-fail, 5-star pasta salad picks that our fans rely on all summer long.

Tomato Feta Pasta Salad

In between mouthfuls of fusilli, you’ll spear bites of salty feta, Kalamata olives and juicy ripe tomatoes. Oh, and you’ll find no mayo here; the spiraled noodles will soak up a vinegar-spiked, sun-dried tomato-packed dressing in its place.

Spinach Artichoke Pasta Salad

A bowl of tender, cheesy tortellini is special on its own, but add baby spinach, artichokes and roasted red peppers to it for a make-and-take springtime pasta salad that’s never seen the inside of a deli container.

American Macaroni Salad

Just a bit of mayonnaise is all it takes to add the beloved creamy texture to this surprisingly light side dish.

Crunchy Noodle Salad

Each strand of Ina Garten’s cold spaghetti-based salad is coated with a tangy, nutty sauce of rice vinegar, soy sauce, honey, ginger and peanut butter. Toss it with sugar snap peas, peppers and scallions, for color and crunch.

Tri-Colore Orzo

Pasta salad may most commonly be casual, but Giada tosses together a few choice ingredients to create a pasta salad that’s a whole lot more elegant. For a taste of her fan-favorite orzo recipe, simply scatter the short-cut pasta with fresh basil and arugula, dried sweet cherries, toasted pine nuts and crumbled ricotta salata.

Lemon Pasta Salad

For the most-vivacious pasta salad yet, pack the pasta, veggies, feta cheese and lemony dressing separately, then toss together right before eating.

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