Stuffed Apples Two Ways: Savory and Sweet


After a trip or two to the orchard — or even just your grocery store’s produce aisle — you likely have on hand an abundance of apples. You’ve baked them into pies, roasted them with meat, used them in cocktails and have eaten them straight up at lunchtime. Now what? Now it’s time to stuff them.

On the latest episode of The Kitchen, Jeff Mauro and Sunny Anderson introduced two new takes on stuffed apples, one savory and one sweet. For both of these recipes, and most stuffed apple recipes, the key is a well-cooked apple, one that’s tender, which will go a long way in making the finished dish more easily eatable with the filling. Check out Jeff’s and Sunny’s ideas below, each of them an easy-to-do technique that delivers warming seasonal flavors.

Sausage and Sage Apple-Stuffed Apples

After hollowing out apple halves, Jeff uses the flesh from the inside in his sausage-raisin mixture, which he spikes with Calvados, an apple-flavored liqueur, to complement the flavor of the fresh fruit, and rounds it out with crunchy pistachios for texture. The filling gets piled into the apple halves and then blanketed with gooey Camembert cheese. After a quick bake in the oven, the cheese becomes melty and the apple sweet and tender.

Sunny’s PB & J Stuffed Apples

All elements of the classic sandwich are represented in Sunny’s quick-fix dessert, even the white bread you know and love — more on that in a second. For the peanut butter element, Sunny combines the creamy stuff with Greek yogurt and chopped peanuts for welcome tang and crunch, then stuffs the mixture inside the apples before baking. Then it’s all about the toppings: first, tiny bits of toasted white bread and finally the addition of syruplike grape jelly.

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