The Many Faces of Granola


Granola has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a hippie health food. Today you’ll find it stocked in gourmet markets and coffee shops, on menus at diners and high-end restaurants, and sprinkled on dishes both sweet and savory. Our favorite granolas are of the homemade variety, since it couldn’t be easier to make, and it’s super-crunchy and toasty right out of the oven. At, we’ve expanded our repertoire to include recipes for every granola-seeking appetite. Check out three of our favorite ways to make (and eat) it, below.

Decadent: Dessert Granolas

When you’re looking for a sweet fix, these eight granola recipes offer the familiar and beloved flavors of classic desserts like apple piepeach cobbler and s’mores, but in the form of crunchy oat clusters. Take your sundae to the next level by sprinkling them over ice cream. They’re just as tasty when eaten out of hand.

Virtuous: Nut-and-Seed Granola

Food Network Kitchen left the oats out of this low-carb, low-sugar granola. It’s super-crunchy, thanks to almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds, and gets just enough natural sweetness from toasted coconut and maple syrup. Eat it solo or with yogurt for a protein-packed boost of energy.


Savory: Miso Granola

One bite of this umami-packed, Asian-inspired snack will make you a savory-granola fan for life. It’s the ultimate salty-sweet treat, flavored with miso paste, soy sauce and rice vinegar, plus a little honey and brown sugar for subtle sweetness. Serve it over plain yogurt or stir it into sticky rice.

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